Rev. Dan Copperwheat

Minister & Pastor

Hi! I’m Rev. Dan Copperwheat. I became the Pastor & Minister of GRBC in September 2017. Jenny & Noah and I moved to Walthamstow, excited for what God was going to do in, and through, us. We found a warm, friendly and hospitable group of believers at GRBC who loved Jesus and wanted to connect in new and fresh ways with our local community. These wonderful people have become family! We love the vibrant multi-cultural experience we share together. Together, we are on an adventure.

We don’t have all the answers. Life is messy, and God knows that too often, Churches can make things worse before they make things better. BUT we know that God is love. I believe that love can change the world. In Jesus Christ, we discover what that love looks like. We want to show that kind of self-sacrificial love to the world around us. That means we need to be willing to listen and, if necessary, change…

My dream and vision is that GRBC grows as a community of God’s love. Willing to use its gifts and resources for the good of others, selflessly laying down its life for the sake of others. Children need nurture, Families need safety and space, Young adults need challenge and opportunity, Couples need encouragement, Seniors need fellowship. This is the kind of love we want to show…with passion, energy, creativity, care, attention, prayer, faith, hope and love.

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