Family Church

Family Church

Greenleaf Road Baptist Church Ministry is passionate about helping our young people flourish into good humans and followers of Jesus. We have something precious to share with our children, but we are aware that children have a lot to teach us too. Especially about the love of God, faith in Jesus and the work of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus’ had some serious things to say about the care and treatment of young people We want to share a journey of faith as a family. We want to grow together into Christ followers, true disciples of Jesus Christ.

As a result, we are committed to resourcing dedicated times of teaching and learning with our children in age-related groups. Kid’s Church takes place during our Sunday morning meetings.

We are also exploring the best way forward with All-Age worship, seeking to provide an opportunity for the whole community to worship and learn together. Currently, our ‘All-Age’ meetings are on the first Sunday of every month and they have a more interactive feel, often with young people and children participating alongside the adults.

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